Sunday 13 January 2013

Transpose Rows to Columns using tPivotToOutputDelimited - Talend Open Studio

This Video tutorials aims at converting rows to columns using Talend Open studio.

To transpose rows to columns, I have used tPivotToOutputDelimited component - Talend Open Studio.

Input File:

subject;student name;student marks
Maths;Ashwin Reddy;67
Science;Ashwin Reddy;55
English;Ashwin Reddy;88
Computers;Ashwin Reddy;92
Maths;Vinay Shukla;82
Science;Vinay Shukla;66
English;Vinay Shukla;90
Computers;Vinay Shukla;85
Maths;Sangeeta Thomas;72
Science;Sangeeta Thomas;56
English;Sangeeta Thomas;44
Computers;Sangeeta Thomas;54

Output from tLogRow:

Job Design:

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  1. Hi Vikram!

    Many thanks for sharing this post.

    I was looking for this solution for days.

    You nearly saved my life with it! ^_^