Thursday 5 September 2013

Installing and Configuring MongoDB server on Windows

Steps to Install MondoDB server on windows

1. Download the archive from MongoDB website.

2. Un-archive the file downloaded in Step 1. Choose a directory as per your convenience.
    Lets choose C:\MongoDB and un archive the file here.

3. Create a directories required by the MongoDB server.
    i. First create data directory inside the C:\MongoDB.
    ii. Secondly create log directory  inside the C:\MongoDB.

Note: MongoDB does not create any directories by default. We have to create these directories to enable MongoDB server (mongod.exe).

4. Create a config file pointing to the directories created in Step 3 and lets name it mongo.config.
  Add following contents to the  mongo.config file.

   #path to data directory

    #path to log file - remember its a file not directory

   #used for logging read and write operations

5. Add the path of MongoDB executable i.e. bin directory to PATH system environment variable.

6. Now lets start the MongoDB server using the config file create in step 4.

mongod.exe --config C:\MongoDB\mongo.config

In the next article I will show you how to create new DB and simple documents in MongoDB.

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