Thursday 6 November 2014

Specify different JVM to launch Talend Open Studio

Recently I have installed JAVA 8 on my Windows machine. When I try to launch +Talend  Open studio, I have got error message saying that this version of JAVA is not supported.
I also had old JAVA 7 installation on my machine. So I have used JAVA 7 to launch my Talend Open Studio version 5.5.1.
Lets look at the procedure to launch Talend with another JVM:
  1. Create a bat file and name it as "Talend5.5.1_JVM7.bat" under the studio installation directory. And add the following contents in the file:

    For 32-bit systems:
    TOS_DI-win32-x86.exe -vm C:\Java\jre1.7.0_11\bin
    For 64-bit systems: 
    TOS_DI-win32-x86_64.exe -vm E:\app\Java\jre1.7.0_11\bin
  2. Save the file and click on the bat file to launch Talend Studio.
Let me know, if you have used any other method of launching Talend Open Studio while mentioning different JVM.

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