Monday 25 March 2013

How to create Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) or Partition in Windows 7

Now a days, Most of Laptops and PC come with a single drive(C:) configured. Some of us (including me) do not want to mess the current partition system in the Laptops by partitioning it.
Windows 7 has A cool feature of creating a virtual hard drive or partition. Lets see How can create a virtual partition:

1. Right click My Computer and Select Manage.

2. It will open Computer Management window. Right click Disk Management and select Create VHD.

3. In the Create and Attach Hard Disk window provide the location of Virtual Disk and its Size. You can choose to have a fixed size or Dynamic size disk format.

4. Click on OK to create a virtual hard disk. Depending upon the size of disk, your PC may take time to create it. You can see the progress in the status bar.

5. In the Disk Management Right click the Virtual Disk that we have just created and Select Initialize Disk.

6. In the Initialize Disk window, click OK to below screen.

7. Now it is time to create a volume by Right-clicking the unallocated space and select New Simple Volume.

8. go through the New Simple Volume Wizard and mentioned below:

The wizard is complete, click on Finish.

Now you can see it under My Computer.

You can save your daily file in this hard drive and take a backup every day or frequently. You can also encrypt this drive.

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